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Biography : ARDI, ,  has proven himself as a talented driver in Kart racing, Formula Ford, the BMW 130i Cup, PORSCHE GT3 Cup,  And THE DUTCH SUPERCAR CHALLENGE, the top racing class in the Netherlands..
This year , he will Drive the PORSCHE 904 GTI, at the In 2007-2008 ARDI drove for the German Brinkman Motorsport team and participated with a DTM Audi TT-R, prepared by top tuner abt sports-line ARDI, became champion in his rookie year in the Dutch Supercar Challenge.

ARDI has been passionate about Racing for his entire life. He chose motor sport at the age of eight, motocross to be exact. When ARDI was nineteen, he made his entry in kart racing. ARDI achieved third place in the 125cc class in the national karting championship in 2000. The sport in which quite few racing drivers have begun their careers, If you are succesfull in kart racing, then you are skilled driver. Then you are quick, alert, technical,competitive and tenacious.

Then you are ready for Formula Ford. This is the class in which Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Jos Verstappen, Christian Albers and Jeroen Bleekemolen made their debut. In 2003, ARDI was a member of the national top group in regard to pole positions and podium finishes. Then ARDI chose the quickest racing class in the Netherlands: FORMULA RENAULT 2000. In 2005, after numerous podium finishes, ARDI joined the top racing class at the time, the Porsche GT3 Cup.

He achieved two pole positions and a win. A year later he switched to the newly founded BMW 130i Cup.

This is a highly competitive racing series in which every place is fought for ::

In 2007, ARDI made his debut in the toughest racing series of the Netherlands, the GT class of the Dutch Supercar Challenge with the DTM-Audi TT-R, and ARDI became a champion in his first year. A Tempory crown in his career as a racing driver. In 2008, he once more drove a season with the Audi TT-R, but due to unfortunate mechanical difficulties he wat not able to retain his championship title. However, with a number of victories, podium finishes and pole positions, he confirmed his ability.

Participation in the Dutch  Supercar Challenge in the GT Class    or
Participation in the new Dutch racing class  GT4
Or in the Porsche Super – Carrera Cup

The Dutch supercar Challenge  is very popular with the public due to its enormous variety of GT and Touring cars. A massive field of  +- 60 participants offers spectacular racing each and every time.

Mandatory pit stops add additional excitement. Seeing mechanics in action, driver changes…racing is more than merely pressing on the acceleration pedal a lot. It is a team sport. Additionally, it is a grand spectacle with beautiful  cars. Porsche, Corvette, Marcos, Mosler, Aston martin, BMW, Audi,Seat,all “fast”marques are represented with cars that inspire@ and due to this reason, the Dutch Supercar Challenge is an absolute favorite with the public.

The Dutch GT4 championship will be introduced in the Netherlands in 2009 and is a copy of the existing European GT4 Championship. Various marques such as Porsche,Aston Martin,Chevrolet,BMW, and Nissan will compete for position.
Just as the Dutch Supercar Challenge, the GT4 championship features mandatory pit stops and  driver changes.

The racing Calendar of 2009 of the dutch Supercar Challenge features 16 races that are distributed across 8 weekends.  In addition to the Dutch racing circuits in Zandvoort and Assen, races will be held on the formula 1 circuits Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) and Hockenhein (Germany) as well as on the world-famous Nurburgring (Germany). A racing weekend on the Brands Hatch circuit (England) has not been confirmed yet. Furthermore, a participation in the Bavaria City Race in the heart of the global port city Rotterdam is also on the programme.


Motor sport is enjoying strong growth of interest on various television stations.

Via programmes featured on the Dutch  televisions,and Additionally Motor TV, the Dutch Supercar Challenge reaches millions of Homes.
Racing reports on all events were featured on TV in Holland at around noon with programmes with a length of around 30 minutes. Additionally, various special programmes were produced on the different drivers, companies and sponsors.

The Dutch GT4 championship will be televised on few TV Broadcasting..
The Ultimate sponsor attention ! this is somewhat different to football,tennis or golf, because motor sports is fun entertainment for the entire family.

In 2007, all in all ARDI was featured for between 30 and 35 minutes in broadcast of few TV stations.
He was featured even 3 to 4 times as much on MOTOR TV.
Of course, the sponsors that are featured on the car and clothing were clearly visible. Advertisement broadcasts, depending on the time and station, cost  few hundreds to thousand euros or more per minute. 


Racing on the most beautifull circuits of the Netherlands (Zandvoort) or Belgium ( Zolder) or even an exclusive special event in Spain. This racing day is entirely in style with your company.

Reception of your clients in a VIP racing box, your company logo on the racing car, on team clothing,on flag etc. 40 to 60 people can participate on such a day that lasts from 10 am until 6pm. The VIP  Incentive Day will be an unforgettable event for your account managers and their (Business) associates.


                Participants can perform the following events on the circuit with their own car
                ABS braking Test
                Anti-skid course
                Ride on a quad
                At the end of the day; A final race under supervision of invited guests
                And the highlight of the day: Ride along in the racing car for a lap of the
                And of course Professional catering, after all, you will have to keep strength up

OFFER FOR SPONSORS :  PLEASE contact us in regards to the Sponsorship amounts,,
which can vary in different categories, as  a SUB-SPONSOR  or as a

What we offer :

Logo on the racing Car
Logo on the team Clothing
Logo on the Racing Overall
Logo on the Helmet
Logo on Screen on  Televison
Promotional film on Television
VIP Tickets including a VIP Parking


Dedicated Grandstand with an excellent view of the race track

Personal conversation with the driver and the members of the team
Tour of the pit Box
Product or company presentation in the hospitality unit
VIP hospitality unit entirely furnished in accordance with our corporate Identity
Avaibility of VIP tickets as a prize or as a campaign to stimulate a product.